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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Life is changing every year and along with it everything around us and associated with us is changing too. If we talk about marketing, we have evolved from traditional marketing to digital marketing. The medium through which the audience is receiving a marketing message has changed. While traditional marketing reaches through newspapers and magazines, digital marketing uses websites and social media to reach people.

They both have their own importance in our lives and cannot be replaced entirely. TV commercials and magazines still reach out to so many people and build an emotional relationship with the brand. On the other hand, the internet is becoming an important part of our lives. People are getting addicted to their smartphones and laptops and can’t imagine a life without them. Digital marketing exploits this dependency to advertise and reach maximum people. To reach a broader audience, there needs to be a perfect balance between both. There are few Digital Marketing agencies in India that acquire the expertise in this balance. AV Solution digital marketing agency in Noida is one among the best.

Traditional marketing channels -

  1. Telemarketing using text messages on phone

  2. Print media like magazines and newspapers

  3. Billboards and posters

  4. Broadcasting through radio and TV

  5. Direct mail like catalogues

Although traditional marketing is impactful and leaves a permanent memory in our subconscious, it doesn't involve a direct interaction with clients and is hence difficult to measure. It is also more expensive than digital marketing.

Digital Marketing channels -

  1. Websites

  2. Social media eg Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook

  3. Content writing

  4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  5. Email marketing

  6. PPC (Pay Per Click)

  7. Affiliate marketing

  8. Inbound marketing

Digital marketing is more targeted and has better engagement with the audience. It is also measurable. But, it has its own cons like it is less permanent and gets annoying sometimes.

Traditional marketing and Digital marketing have their own pros and cons. Traditional marketing is preferred by the older generation as they are easy to understand and they become part of our everyday lives. Real life exposure is better remembered than something seen in our phone while browsing something else. However, we can’t ignore the fact that we are living in the internet age. According to Statista, there are almost 4.57 billion internet users that comprise around 59% of the global population. More than 17.3% millennials between the age of 26 and 35 spend around 10 to 20 hours per week of their time watching online videos. It shows the trend and vast opportunity to grow in the Digital marketing field as there are various options for the engagement with the audience. Social media helps in understanding the consumer’s perspectives as they are directly involved and convey their opinion through likes, dislikes, comment and share. The number of feedbacks are easy to measure with the help of various tools. It also provides a possibility of clever targeting through contents and blogs. AV Solution digital marketing agency in Noida has a team of experts that have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and also constantly work to update their team member’s skill and knowledge.


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